I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your site. Like the person who posted "addicted to opiates" I too have been taking prescribed "norco" 10-325's for almost 2 years now and it is a bitter love affair. I am due to go in for an epidural next week for my lower back in an attempt to correct an annular fissure in my L5 vertabrae. I don't know if it will be successful. The reality is in a small way I actually hope it does not because it will mean the end of my prescriptions and I greatly fear that. If you are toying with the idea of experimenting with any opiates, I would urge you to count the cost. It will change you. It will replace any joy you have found in the good things in life and leave you empty. Everyone has a "plan", few can hold themselves to it. For those already suffering, it does not last forever. Stay strong and TELL PEOPLE who love you and whom you can trust what your going through. Those love you the same will help you through the darkness.
Opiates addiction: Don't Struggle Alone

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Trying to quit
Hello,I just wanted to let you know the invaluable help that you site has provided for me. I have recently undergone a month treatment of subutex after a heroin addiction, and absolutely determined to kick all drugs once and for all. I am in the third day of withdrawals. This morning, in a state of horrendous withdrawals, I looked on the internet for some kind of mild, natural sedative to ease the pains of withdrawal. I came across a message board which promoted the use of poppy seed tea as a way to 'safely' and 'naturally' come off opiates. Further search led me to your site, where I read with great sadness about the tragedy that your son befell, and how the seeds contain both morphine and codeine. It saddens me to learn how many young people who would never touch heroin in it's street form, actually use it in various other forms; poppy seed tea, pain medication, and are not properly educated about the health risks, sever addiction, mood disorders associated with these drugs. Worst of all, the mortality rate of opiate users.I wish you great happiness in the future, and cannot tell you how sorry I am about your loss. Your site has given me the strength to go through withdrawals without the aid of any narcotic (whatever form it may take).
Tried PST as alternative to opiate pills
I wanted to thank you for putting this site up. I have a friend who has had a bit of a problem with opiate abuse in the past, and she was looking for an alternative to taking prescription pills to get her opiate fixed, and discovered making tea from poppy seeds like your son did. She started doing it thinking that it was a good alternative to abusing prescription drugs, since it was something that she could find in bulk at several different stores in our area, relatively cheaply. I tried a few of the batches of the tea with her, and they all did seem to have varying results, and I did not really enjoy it much....she however started going through a pound or so of seeds on a daily basis. Finally she came across your site, and realized that it really isn't a safe alternative at all, and has since stop using the poppy tea as well, and has sought some help in her opiate problem, which I am very thankful for. I am sorry that your son didn't find something similar before it was too late from him as well.
Considered PST as alternative
As with all above posts I send my condolences to yourselves.

Thank you so much for this website and for all the people who emailed in their personal experiences. I have struggled with continuing addiction to every drug out there. I reached an impasse in my life and had to come clean and I am at the moment fairly reasonably detoxed from the opiates so I am feeling OK, HOWEVER…I am desperately looking for natural, legal, reputable, non-lethal and non-addictive substances that I can take to deal with cravings and 'bad days' when they eventuate (I have a history of depression and anxiety like most addicts I think, 31 year old male).

Reading the web I came across poppy seed tea and thought I had a winner!!! Not to be. Your website has saved me jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire. I am indebted to you both for setting this website up.

Incidentally morphine and codeine are two of the worst drugs you could put through your body (just IMHO, and I have taken codeine, morphine, meth, coke, speed, every opiate out there, benzo's etc and I still feel this way) and should be completely avoided at any cost. IMHO and experience they are extremely addictive and destructive.

Again my sincerest thanks for this website. It is no consolation but today your son's death and your vigil saved someone going down a dangerous path and possibly signing out completely. I am indebted to you both.

My Sincerest Thanks and Regards,
Struggling with Opiates Addiction
I have thought long and hard about how to speak to you. I'm sorry if anything I say comes off as offensive, it's the antithesis of my intention writing this to you.

I am very sorry about the death of your son. It reminds me so much of the reality of what will happen if I overdose, though I am not using poppy tea. I'm sixteen and I've been addicted to opiates for about a year now. I've been clean for about a week now, even though everything makes me crave.  My parents are unaware of my using. My mother believes poppy tea is harmless, I've talked about it once or twice.

It is a sad thing. I'm well aware of the dangers of uneven doses by making poppy tea using supermarket seeds, but when you run out of pills you'll consider doing anything. Your son's essay on Addiction was deeply moving. Ironically, I wrote a paper similar while I was high. Then again, I did everything high for a long time. I referred to Opium as Mistress O, as I still refer to her as. "She is a cruel seductive mistress, degrading and breaking me. She is cruel, but she is so much sweeter than the bitter reality."

I'm very happy your site exists to warn people. I have seen a few people looped into opiate addiction through poppy tea, but I mostly see people who use pills run out of hits and in desperation use seeds.
It frightens me my friends who are struggling with my same vice may die, but the life of an opium addict (for me at least) was one never knowing if you'd wake up again.

Addiction is something you say, "Won't happen to me." People need to know it will. I was always terrified of drugs. I saw what opiates did.
But I was already addicted to getting high from a failed suicide attempt. Not quite enough pills... No one should suffer the pain of addiction.

Many blessings,
More on Buprenourphine (Suboxone)
I like that you are doing this and I like your philosophy.  Those other cases are great additions but I saw this years ago halfway down a google search page.  You are the top now meaning first thing people will see is your site.  The idea of having that info available and to educate and hope people make the right decision is the perfect philosophy.  I'm only sorry that this was not available before your son's death.

I read an email that was mostly accurate about buprenourphine.  Everything he said is true.  It is a miracle drug and does help and it blocks full agonist opiates, but bup is a partial agonist partial antagonist meaning it is possible to get high and someone who has never taken it before and has not taken the classic codeine, hydrocodone, darvon would get very high.  Good news it it does have a ceiling effect and while it is hard to get off and even down, you don't crave more easily.  But it is best with council and activities that release your body's own morphine also known as endo morphine or endorphins for short.  The most important thing you can do is get get your endorphin working again.  Physical opiate addiction is merely your body not pumping out endorphin because it has an outside agent doing the same job.  I'm not wild about this medication and if you read up on it they say it is not addictive which is a load of crap, but if you can't afford buprenourphine than kratom might help.  That being said many methadone clinics are starting to carry bup.  But they still might try to push the methadone.  If they don't have bup than walk.  Don't let them put u on methadone as it is more addictive than most narcotics including heroin.