nice site. good job.

i have found new information for your site. i found through research that the lightening/whitening of some seeds is achieved through steaming. the steaming lowers the drug content of the seeds. The steaming is done to make the poppies more like a regular food product for people. it also hurts their ability to germinate. But the catch is that some poppy seeds are naturally light colored. so it is possible to have light colored seeds that have not been steamed. those seeds may have a high content of drug. so the color cannot be relied on as an indicator of drug strength.

i also noticed that your site had strayed into discussion of withdrawl strategies. if you would like more info on that I would be happy to compile a text for you. and/or you can include a link to our site where we give all drug info, including a lot of safety stuff (
drugs-forum.co.uk <http://www.drugs-forum.co.uk>).

On the Color of the Seeds:
I wish to commend your bravery in starting this website and informing the public about the dangers of poppy seed tea.

As a chronic low (back) pain sufferer with PTSD and a daily recipient of migraines, I am constantly taking my health into my own hands to understand what is wrong with me and the best ways to cope.

Thanks to the feedback emails you have posted on your site, I know poppy seed tea is NOT a viable method. I have never tried it, and after reading just two or three of the accounts that you brought into the public sphere by the terrible accident of your loss, I never will.

Whatever pain I suffer now is not worth trading for all that poppy seed tea, and other opiates, bring with them.

Once again, I admire your bravery.
as with many, let me start by saying that i am so sorry to hear about your son's tragedy, and i will have him and your family in my prayers tonight.
my problem was not really with PST, but from one addition to the next which was the adage of "going from the frying pan into the fire".
i had smoked marijuana since i was 16 years old. never had any problems, did well in life, have a great job and profession, married for 24 years now, it goes on and on.

well last year, my employer had a drug test, and i was positive for THC. i was suspended for 30 days, and rehired with the understanding that i would be tested at random. well that was enough to get me to stop smoking weed. but i picked up another habit. cocaine. at first i thought that hey, i'll just do it every now and then. and since it doesn't stay in your system for more than a few days i thought it would the perfect drug to "escape" whatever that means.

it didn't take long before i was hooked. not even my wife knows that i use.

but after reading the story about what your family has gone through, and the countless comments e mailed to your informative web site, it has given me the "kick in the butt" and learn from the pain drugs have caused others.

because my career was on the line, it was quite easy to stop using pot. cocaine is another matter. but as of today i'm going to get the help i know i need to get off drugs forever. and whenever i feel the urge to fall off the wagon, i have book marked your site to read about the pain other's have gone through to give me strenth to get off and stay off drugs. again, my prayers go out to you and your family, and thanks for being brave enough to share your story and your pain with us.

D atlanta, ga.
Chronic pain:

 I just wanted to say that i'm terribly sorry for what happened to your son. I wish i had listened to what you were saying the first time i stumbled upon your website. After a very long horrible addiction to the same substance i've certainly learned a lesson. I'd like to do whatever i can to help eduacate people on this stuff. I think you should also mention in the website the use of poppy pods themselves is very common too. I never used the seeds,just the pods. I had no clue what kind of nightmare i was in for. The good news is,i finally did check myself into detox and have been clean for only a month now but its certainly a good start. I noticed one person commented that Suboxone treatment is very good for those with insurance.Id just like to ad to that,you dont need insurance. Most counties will help pay for detox,and considering how much money most of us addicts spend on drugs each month, don't you think you can afford to save your life? Suboxone has saved mine.Once again,i'm so sorry for your loss,and thank you so much for what you're doing. If enough of us band together we can educate people and hopefully put a stop to this.

Addiction to Poppy Flower Pods Tea:
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Codeine Addiction:

I just recently found out about Poppy Seed Tea, like literally a few hours ago. I have been abusing OTC Codeine-containing pain relief for about 2 months or so. (started from wisdom tooth pain). Since I didn't want to box my liver from bad extractions I was looking into alternatives and that is how I found out about PST. I was just about to go down and buy some seeds and then I found your site. Basically I just wanted to say that your site may very well have saved my life (literally or addiction wise).

So thankyou, I am starting my detox today from codeine and will just take aspirin for the tooth pain, although it does nothing.

I am sure your site will save many more lives, I've seen it linked to on many other drug related sites. The tragedy of your sons death will save hundreds, probably thousands of lives. Also I wanted to say the story he wrote was great and helped me see that it's the path I was heading down. Where you no longer get any relief from anxiety etc and you hit a wall.

I could write more but I think that's enough because you probably get a lot of e-mails already, so one last thankyou!
Addicted to PST:

I came upon your web site while looking for information about withdrawal from long-term use of Poppy Seed Tea, and so I wanted to tell you my story. I am 59 years old, I have been using Poppy Seed Tea daily for about four years. I was very careful to not overdose myself with it by keeping my daily intake rather low. I buy bulk seeds in 4 ounce packs, and I use either 2 or 4 packs per day. It is just enough to give me a slight high, but not enough to cause severe dependence. Just as the other user who wrote in to tell of his experiences, I too have noticed a huge variance in potency from one batch to another.

I am to the point where I want to stop using Poppy Tea. The reasons are many, but the most important reason is because I just got married (second time around) and I don't want my new wife to view me as a drug addict. The other reason is the fact that Poppy Tea interferes with my sexual performance. It has caused Erectile dysfunction to the point where I need to use Viagra or Cialis to help me. On the days when I don't use the tea, my sexual performance begins to return to normal and I do not need the Viagra or Cialis. But I haven't been able to go for more than a day or two without my tea. Also, the seeds are costing me about $50.00 per week.

I have used Poppy Tea for so long that I now use it just to feel "normal". During the days when I do not use it, I feel lousy, and I develop "cold-like symptoms" (runny nose, sneezing, etc.). I am trying to break the habit, but I need some help to deal with the symptoms. Going "cold turkey" may be the most difficult way to get over it, but is probably the best way. I'm hoping that the terrible symptoms will last only a few more days until my body gets back to normal. As I write this Email, I am in my first day of abstinence. Please pray for me.

One important point that I thought of that most users rarely think of is the fact that there may be other nasty chemicals on the seeds besides opiates. Poppy's are grown in many different countries around the word, and many of those countries have no controls on what gets sprayed on the plants. Therefore, not only is a Poppy Seed Tea user ingesting the desired opiates, but is also ingesting pesticides and herbicides. Those chemicals may exist in trace amounts on the seeds, but over a long period of usage, such as what I have been doing, they may build up in a person's organs such as the liver or kidneys. Pesticides and herbicides have been known to cause cancer in humans. I want to quit using before I develop any diseases caused by ingestion of those nasty chemicals.

Best regards,
Update from "M" (see email above):
Hello again,

I wanted to update you on my road to recovery from Poppy Seed Tea addiction. First off, it's not easy. It's like trying to quit smoking cigarettes, only much more painful. I tried quitting "cold turkey" but it was just too awful. I went nearly a week without the tea but had to give in to it for a few days so that I could function at my job. Rather than to cut the supply abruptly, I am gradually reducing my daily intake. I still get the withdrawal symptoms but they are much less severe. Every now and then that little devil on my shoulder nags me to load up just one more time so that I can quickly feel good again. NO WAY! My body wants more, but my God-given logic and reason convinces me not to do it. I know that if I give in to the beast, he will get his claws back in me and I'll be back where I was 3 weeks ago. I must be strong.

I had my last very small "fix" about 3 days ago. I still feel the withdrawals but they are tolerable. One nutritional supplement that I found which actually reduces the withdrawal symptoms is called 5-HTP. It can be found in most Natural Foods stores and many other stores that sell Vitamin supplements. 5-HTP should be taken with Vitamin-B6 to improve it's absorption into the body. 5-HTP is converted by your body into Serotonin which is the "feel good" neuron transmitter. People who are depressed often have low levels of Serotonin in their brain. I take 50mg capsules, 4 times a day (total of 200mg/day) and 2 - B6 capsules. This seems to work for me, but it may not work for everyone. Also, too much of a good thing is bad, so be very careful to not overdose on 5-HTP! Do a Google search on 5-HTP to read up on it before using it.

My road to complete recovery will be relatively short because of the relatively low doses of PST that I used. For someone using very large daily doses, the road will be much longer, and will be mostly up hill. BUT DON'T GIVE IN TO THE BEAST! FIGHT IT WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT!

And those of you who are thinking about trying PST, my advice is an emphatic "DON'T!" The reason is because it won't let you take just one taste. No, it will lure you back for more (and more.... and more.... and....)

Best regards
Let me start off by saying that your website started a new awareness of the dangers of unmeasurable opiates. I think it's great that you good make something good out of a horrible situation like that.

In the past year i've had my closest friend pass away from an accidental overdose. I was only 18 years old at the time so it affected me very deeply. I had some therapy sessions where I was told some useful advise, I was told that if I really wanted to do something for my late friend that I should do something to help other people in his name. The words stuck with me but i can't for the life of me figure out something that could help prevent people from becoming like my friend.

You guys should be very very proud of what you've accomplished. If this website didn't exist then anyone looking for a way to get high on poppy seeds would see very little information about the dangerous repercussions. I think you should look at your son as a martyr. I'm not trying to say this was his only purpose in life, I'm sure he was a wonderful young man. But his tragic death has definately made people more careful with poppy seeds. I can only hope that your knowledge that you've saved countless lives can help you to cope possibly. I don't want this to be another one of those "Oh I'm so sorry for your loss! (even though I didn't know you or your son)" emails.

I simply want you to know that what you've done is what i can only hope that some day I can accomplish. If you have any ideas for me I would be honored to hear your suggestions!

Thank you so much for what you have done,

My condolences also regarding your son. Feb 5th of this month my fiance overdosed and died from Poppy Seed Tea also. I worked with the local authorities to have the most potent bulk brand of the seed banned from the only store in my town who sells it. (The manager of the store said kids were coming in and ordering it by the caseload.. should have been a tip off in my mind, but even with my fiances death, skeptics remain. Luckily not with local authorities since my fiance was found with a jug of it next to him.)
Hopefully with sites like yours and testimonies like ours, people will start to take this VERY seriously.

Please feel free to contact me any time.

Wendy S.
Vancouver, WA
Another Death from Poppy Seed Tea:
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Follow-up email from previous responder:
I've noticed that you've highlighted my email for those curious about the morphine content in poppy seeds (the first feedback email on the list, highlighted in purple). I have to say I'm honored to help in your campaign to educate people. I also would like to add for those who have posted talking about their own struggles with addiction. I wish them the best at kicking their habit. As well they should use every resource at their disposal to kick the habit. As well if they are using opiates, such as poppy seed tea, to self-medicate, they're playing Russian Roulette. Go see a doctor about the underlying symptoms it might be a problem that needs something other than a pain-killer! And for those who need pain medications periodically, and were once codeine addicts, talk openly with your Doctor about your former problem. See if there are other safe pain relief options that don't put you at risk of falling off the wagon. Of course all of this is easier to say than it is to do. But if you never try, you'll never succeed. You'll remain trapped or at risk of being trapped again.
-- Jason

I hope this helps someone that is similarly situated as myself. I am currently 8 days clean from a 2 year, twice a day poppy seed habit. I used about 3 lbs a day of high potency seeds when I stopped. I stopped involuntarily (couldn't get good seeds), but I have finally decided to stop using opiates in general (at least on a daily basis) for a number of reasons including cost, developing poor health habits, and my gf leaving me largely due to my neglect a.k.a me being stoned all the time.

Anyway, today is my first day completely opiate free and I feel pretty good relatively speaking. While the first 72 hours of withdrawals really sucked, I used a combo of tapering and excercise to smoothly go through withdrawals. I'd like to share how I got to this point so that anybody else in need can use it.

1) Take a week off of work. Make something up. There's no way, at least for the first three or four days, you can work, and if you try you'll use again.
2) Load up on the following list:
a) 1 week gym membership. Get a trial period, somewhere with a hot tub. THIS IS CRUCIAL!!!
b) 300 mg or so of oxycodone/hydrocodone.
c) L-Tyrosine. You can buy it at GNC cheap.
d) A Multivitamin containing iron and potassium
e) Immodium. Super crucial

3) Stop drinking tea. About 12 hours after last dose, start gobbling up immodium hardcore and drinking fluids. As the withdrawals start to set in, slowly administer oxycodone, no more than 20 mg over 4 hours, so that you don't lose your mind. You'll sweat and your stomach will be a mess, but it will get better with time. Make sure you take the vitamins and water.

4) About 48 hours into withdrawals is the worst. Take the oxy as you need it. Trust me, the PST is much stronger than the oxy, and you will feel like shit even on a daily dose of up to 50 mg.
5) In the morning of the third day, take multivitmains and l-tyrosine in the morning. Drink some water and try as hard as you can to stomach something. Afterwards, force yourself to go to the gym. If you need a little oxy to get you going, then take it. Nothing too strenous, light cardio, light weights. It makes all the difference in the world in terms of preventing cramping and stimualting endorphin production. After working out, get in the hot tub. It will instantly loosen your muscles and lower your blood pressure.

6) When you get back from the gym, take a little oxy, relax, and try to eat some proteins. You're going back. After a couple of hours, go back to the gym. Again, go light. Do whatever you can handle, hot tub, go home.

7) Repeat step 5 and 6 until about day 6. You'll probably be out of oxy, but by now you should be feeling good enough to function.

Good luck to anyone trying to kick. Its no joke but its doable as long as you actually want to quit. The most important time is the first 72 hours, and its more the depression than the physical withdrawals. Thats what the oxy is for; if you can get through that, the rest isn't that bad.
As usual: Please check with your doctor before you try any of this:
Addiction to Poppy Pod Tea:

This shit is no fucking joke.........AT ALL!!!!. More powerful that OC, Codeine, Morphine pills, Vicoden, or Percocet.

I'm 26 years old, from Seattle, WA.

About 5 months ago I tried poppy pod tea for the first time. I got my pods from a friend who got them on eBay. HOLY SHIT. THIS SHIT MAKES YOU HIGH AS FUCK. I was instantly addicted. It started off here and there. Then it was every other day. Then it was everyday. Next thing i knew I was 100% addicted. I kept telling myself, I'll quit tomorrow. But I had read horror stories on the internet about the withdraw symptoms, so I kept putting it off and putting it off.

Unlike other people that say it's a sedative, I found that it (5-7 jumbo pods. DANGER! DO NOT ATTEMPT - I HAD A VERY HIGH TOLERANCE!) gave me a rush and I could work 130% all day long. Getting all my projects done and more. Getting everything perfectly clean and spick & span and squared away - and halving lots of fun doing it. KINDA LIKE A CRACKHEAD.

Then my tolerance started to go up. I needed more pods and the high kept getting shorter and shorter. (warning run on sentence - i suck at grammer) Before I knew it I was setting my alarm an hour before I was supposed to get up, so I could drink the tea, so that by the time I did wake up, the high was already in full effect. I did this because I would be having withdraws that morning if I didn't drink it. WTF RU SERIOUS. SO the cycle continued.

about 4 months in, things started happening like summer family plans. I started making excuses on why I didn't want to go on vacation and stuff because - after all - how am I going to make my tea and drink it with everyone around me. On my only vacation (a two day golf trip) I had made my tea in advance. I drank my tea for the first day and took some tea with me for the second day. The next morning, while everyone was sleeping, I snuck into the bathroom to drink my full Nalgene bottle's worth of tea. I opened the bottle and, GROSS, the tea had started to ferment. I started to panic. WILL IT STILL GET ME HIGH? DOES IT HAVE ECOLI OR SOMETHING. I didn't care I had to try it, so I pounded the whole bottle as fast as I could, went back to bed, and got high. AT THAT POINT IT WAS OFFICIAL. I HAVE A SERIOUS PROBLEM.

OVER THE NEXT MONTH I STARTED TO WAKE UP. I started craving about 10 pods a day and I started running out of money to buy them. OK NOW ITS SERIOUSLY SERIOUS. I NEED TO QUIT. I rarely wanted to go anywhere or do anything except hang out by myself, high off my ass. I stopped calling my friends and family and became a hermit crab. I realized I was living like a zombie with my life dedicated to a substance.

REALITY SETS IN. It's time to quit. I have to do it now. I've read of the horror stories. It terrifies me. My plan was to quit two weekends ago but my brother had a unexpected trip with his girl, so I put it off. I wanted someone around in case I die. Then it came. Zero hour. Friday Morning, the last drink of the tea. Saturday's going to suck. I'll just tuff it out over the weekend. I'll be better on Monday. WRONG!


ZERO HOUR, FRIDAY: Got high for the last time with a 10 pod batch. Tomorrows going to suck.

DETOX DAY 1, SATURDAY: Wake up super depressed and with lots of back pain. I'm am incredibly tired but there's too much pain and restlessness to sleep. I have extremely hyper active arms making it 10 times worse - almost unbearable. Showering helps but only for a minute. The depression, restlessness and mild hallucinations/confusion make it even worse. At one point i found myself outside walking down the street in the freezing cold - i must have figured that was my only option to keep from going insane. I must have squirmed in and out of bed 150 times. I go through about 2 grams of chronic but that does nothing to ease the pain.

DAY 2, SUNDAY: The same as Saturday but worse. I can't sleep or rest even though I and extremely tired. My hyperactive arms are literally driving me nuts. I feel like I'm and a straight jacket. My arms are shooting out from my body in a panic but moving them around doesn't really help. It and almost indescribable feeling and the worst part of the whole detox. I tried heating pads, hand massagers and even PUTTING RUBBER BANDS AROUND MY ARMS TO TRY AND NUMB THEM - thats right. The only thing that help was a freezing cold shower. That would calm my nerves enough to lay down and get 20 minutes sleep before waking up with hyperactive arms again. The cycle continued into early monday with about 20 freezing cold showers - one every 20 to 40 minutes. I tried laying down in the car, outside on the ground, in the motor home - nothing came even close to helping me rest. I go through 2 more grams of marijuana but it really does nothing but maybe take 2-5% of the edge off. Probably the most painful day of my life - BUT DO-ABLE.

DAY 3, MONDAY: About 7 am , in a dazed confusion I get up and drive 1 hour to my dad's house because he's out of town and i know he has a couple of percocet. His house is in the country making it a little easier to rest. Any noises, like a car down the street, are extremely annoying and make the symptoms more unbearable. At about 10 am I take 2 percocet, feel ABSOLUTELY NOTHNG, but am able to sleep 3 hours. in the after noon I take 2 more percocet, FEEL ABSOLUTELY NOTHING but it takes the depression down a notch for a coupe hours. I watch a little FOX News. I make the false statement that I think its getting better. In the evening the restlessness and hyperactive arms return and I continue to take cold showers but it's not really working. Still smoking weed, it really doesn't help but I think that it is necessary.

DAY 4, TUESDAY: Early at about 2 am I can't take the hyperactive arms, legs, and insomnia anymore. I break down and take the last 2 vicoden. Luckily I fall asleep for 6 hours (the most to date) and wake up at around 11 am. Still in pain and restless - I go from the couch, to the bed, to the shower and repeat all three every 20 minutes for most of the day. At about 6pm I decide to drive to the store to buy some beer maybe that will help. While out I get a bug up my ass. Consciousness starts to come back and I start to feel like a human again. I drive around listening to music in the country for a couple of hours. I feel like a kid again smelling things and seeing colors that I haven't experienced in a long time. It's really hard to explain. After that I figured I blew off some energy and will be able to rest for a little bit. WRONG. I decide to drive to my brothers to hang out for a bit. I feel alright on the drive but by the time I get there I'm exhausted and turn around and go back to my dad's house right away. The night is a blur of INSOMNIA, hot and cold showers, hyperactive arms, and back pain.

DAY 5, WEDNESDAY: I feel like i have the flu. I'm trying to force myself to be active but over heat and become exhausted in a matter of minutes. I leave my dad's place and drive home. After driving home and drinking 2 ROCKSTARS I nerd out for a few hours on the computer. Surely I will be able to sleep tonight. WRONG. the night is a cycle of hyperactive arms, insomnia, and showers. The cold showers no longer do the trick I find myself sitting down in the warm shower for what seamed like hours at a time just to get through the night.

DAY 6, THURSDAY: After NO sleep, I go buy some bananas and multi vitamins at about noon. Seriously exhausted from almost a week with no sleep I lay down in the afternoon tired as FUCK and try to go to sleep. I'll give you a wild guess what happens. Tossing and turning and back pain. GOD DAMMIT. In the early evening I get up and force myself to do some chores and blow of some energy that I don't have. I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW LONG IT'S TAKING, I HAVE A WEDDING REHEARSAL TOMORROW. I THOUGHT FOR SURE I WOULD BE BETTER BY NOW - BUT I'M NOT. I still really can't relax, the night is a blur of 10 minute showers every hour. At this point I have a folding metal chair in the shower - thats right. At some point in the night a got about 2.5 hours of sleep. Still smoking weed.

DAY 7, FRIDAY: I feel like shit in the morning. FUCK I HAVE A WEDDING REHEARSAL TODAY. On my way to the rehearsal I get and energy bug up my ass. I feel good and have a great time at the rehearsal and the following dinner. My adrenaline must have been pumping from the excitement of seeing a number of friends and class mates (hotties) that I hadn't seen in years. SURELY WITH ALL THIS ENERGY USE I'll GET SOME SLEEP TONIGHT. NOT REALLY, MAYBE 3 HOURS OF SLEEP AND SIX SHOWERS.

DAY 8, SATURDAY: WEDDING DAY, FUCK I HAVE TO DRESS UP. AT LEAST WE GET TO WEAR SANDALS. I feel like shit in the morning but as I wake up and make my way to the wedding (with the help of a red bull) I start to perk up. The wedding is a blast only bad part was the actual wedding where i had to stand there, head straight, left hand over right for about 35 minutes. The reception was even more fun. I had a couple of beers and was feeling pretty fuckin good. I busted some moves on the dance floor. I felt about 90%. After the reception was the after party. I drank a bunch more beers and did a couple lines of coke. At this point I was care free - until the sun started coming up. After an hour of trying to sleep at the party house I got up and drove home (probably shouldn't have, but oh well). With a belly full of beer I slept for about 5 hours. THANK GOD.

DAY 9, SUNDAY: I'm a little hung over and tired but I get myself out of bed and meet my brothers at the horse races for some gambling, beer and pizza. After a beer and a slice of pizza I feel pretty good but start to burn out in the evening. FUCK, I HAVE GO BACK TO WORK TOMORROW. I STILL HAVE MASIVE INSOMNIA. I BOUGHT SOME BENEDRYL BUT IT REALLY DIDN'T WORK. I get about an hours sleep and take a bunch of - you guessed it - showers.

DAY 10, MONDAY: I force myself up at 8 am and drive a hour to work. I get a little work done (random construction and demo on a building we are converting to a school) but am exhausted and sweating profusely. I take off early and head home. I get a call in the even from a friend with 2 free mariners tickets. My brother and I grab a bottle of Vodka and head to the game. Buy the time we get to the game we are pretty wasted and have a good time. After the game we go home and luckily the vodka helps me sleep. I get about 5 hours sleep.

DAY 11, TUESDAY (TODAY): I force myself up at 8 am again and go to work. Still get tired pretty easily and sweat a lot but some of that could be from a slight Vodka hangover. I took off a couple hours early. That was a couple of hours ago. I hope I can sleep more tonight. I thing the lack of sleep is what's dragging out the detox. I wish i had have had some ambien or something I swear that would have made things earlier. I'm still a little tired and sweat a little but it's getting better. I'd say I'm at 60-70%. Hopefully by the weekend I'll be 90-100%


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